Interview: ‘Smash’s’ Megan Hilty: ‘I’d Like to Duke It Out’ With Jennifer Hudson
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The Hollywood Reporter: You’re hosting a Smash Season 2 dinner party with the cast, what prompted that?
Megan Hilty: We have a lot of new faces that we’re going to be meeting [Tuesday], and it’s a big day for us to kick off Season 2; I keep referring to it as the first day of school. After the table read, I wanted to celebrate meeting new people and kicking off the new season. So Nicolas Feuillatte was amazing enough to partner with me on the party — they have my favorite Rosé champagne, so we’re definitely going to be drinking a lot of that. We’re just going to have a great, intimate party to kick things off with the whole cast and the producers and Jennifer Hudson, if she’s not too busy.

How are you adjusting to new showrunner Josh Safran? What has he told you about his philosophy for the show?
I had lunch with him a couple weeks ago and he’s got a really great energy and fantastic ideas for all the characters. He knows these characters very well. His ideas were great so I’m excited to see what actually goes through.

How much of Ivy’s arc has he shared with you?
I can’t really give too much away, but I hope Ivy gets something that she can be happy about, something she can celebrate and not feel insecure about. It doesn’t matter how brief it is, just if she has a moment of happiness, maybe even a new boyfriend would be fantastic. Josh is really open to all of our ideas; he really wants the show to be a big collaborative process. A lot of the songs I’ve pitched to him, he’s gotten really excited about so hopefully some of those will be in there. One that I would really like to do is a Robyn cover, “Dancing On My Own,” but with a totally different arrangement. He got really excited about that since he worked with her on Gossip Girl.

Would you consider doing a Wicked song on the show?
I feel like Wicked would be a really fun idea, especially as a little theater inside joke. Even something like a 9 to 5 cover, and have a little mini-reunion. I’ve been trying to get Allison Janney on the show; I think she would be fantastic. If we got her and Stephanie Block, we could all do something fun.

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